Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ice, Ice...Baby!

We've had a pretty mild winter here this year and it's been nice.  Earlier this week, however, we finally got hit with winter.  It was very cold and I didn't feel like bundling up and hiking.  I would have also had to put Finn in his sweater, and I guess I just got lazy.

We finally got out again today and did our favorite trail, Kingfisher Trail at Winton Woods.

Looking over the side of a bridge that spans over a small creek, I found these pretty little icy crystals that formed on the water.

A picture of a small trickle of water melting on the right side of this little stream.  The left side was still frozen.

This view is from the top of the trail.  During the winter when there aren't any leaves on the trees it's nice to see the two little streams coming together.

Two pictures of my latest project that is almost finished.  This is a reversible baby afghan.  It was supposed to be for my great nephew who is due any day now.  His name will be James Michael.  However, they decided to have the baby shower earlier than I anticipated, so I didn't have it done in time.  Luckily, I had a nice baby afghan already finished and my niece was very happy with it.  So, this will go to the next little baby boy who comes our way.  The colors may not show up true on these photos, they are lime green and denim blue.

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