Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oh Deer!

I've been doing a lot of hiking but not much picture taking.  I haven't figured out how to use my fitbit phone app to track my hike and still be able to take pictures with my phone without interrupting the tracking.  I'll figure it out one of these days.  The last couple of days I just haven't used the phone app.  I miss getting the little map of where I hiked, but I know where I've been so I'll just live with that. Haha.

Just lately I've seen deer nearly every day I've hiked.  The pictures in this post aren't the best.  I was standing on a hillside and being the klutz that I am, I didn't hold the camera very still.  I didn't want to spook the deer, so I stood as quietly as I could.  Finn wasn't with me, so that was good.

I saw 4 deer in all that day, but only got pictures of two.  Hope you can see them.  It was pretty dark that day with rain on the way.  Luckily, I finished before the rain.

This is not the best video...a bit shaky, but so was I.  I was standing on a hillside.
I'm still bouncing between the old computer and the new.  Using the old computer for my blogging because it has a nice program for photos.  Herb will get something for the new computer, but with working full time he has very little free time except to cut the grass etc.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day With Some of My Friends

I've still been hiking pretty much, but not taking a lot of pictures.  My new go to trail is a Parcours Trail at Winton Woods Park.  It's a trail that isn't used as much as the other trails, so less people to deal with.  When there are more people, like today, the trail is pretty wide, so it's easier to pass people especially if there are dogs involved. I get a good workout with several hills.

Driving through the park is always fun, and I'm always on the lookout for wildlife.  I passed these two driving through the park.  I think this path is used by the park employees to drive their equipment through when they mow the grass along the road.

This is another deer I saw peeking through the trees.  Can you see him/her?

I have to admit this isn't one of my pictures.  My son Paul, who lives in Florida, sent me this picture this morning.  So pretty!  A Zebra Longwing.

We recently bought a new computer, because the old one is beginning to have issues.  Right now, all of our pictures are on the old computer.  We have a way of moving our old pictures onto the new one (some kind of box...don't know what it's called), which is great.  However, any more pictures that  I download are just sitting on the old computer again.  I really need the old program for pictures loaded on to the new computer.  Until that gets done, I'm going to be blogging from the old computer.

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Visit to Raptor Inc.

I've always wanted to drive out to Milford, Ohio to visit Raptor Inc during one of their Open Houses.  It has never worked out that Herb was off work in order for us to attend.  As it turned out, this particular Sunday was our family reunion picnic that we have been attending for well over 60 years.  However, at the last minute we found out it had to be cancelled because no one reserved a shelter at the park!  We were all really disappointed, but then I remembered the Open House at Raptor Inc!!!

We only saw about 15 birds who are permanent residents due to circumstances that would not allow them to return to the wild..  However, they have many others that are being rehabilitated and were kept away from the public so they could heal and remain in a peaceful environment.

Here are a few pictures of wings and a pretty example of an owl.

Herb took a lot of pictures with a camera, I only took a few with my phone thinking the camera would get better pictures.   I was wrong...wish I had taken more pictures with the phone.

A beautiful peregrine falcon.
A sweet little barn owl.  Barn owls are my favorite!  I can't remember if he was missing a wing or just had major issues with it.
A turkey vulture.  A face only a mother could love!  I believe this "pretty" lady became too attached to someone who tried to keep her as a pet.  So much so that she couldn't be returned to the wild.
Some awesome looking owls!  Magnificent creatures!

A leucistic hawk who obviously would not fare well in the wild.  Pretty bird though.
What a cutie...screech owl.

My new Raptor Inc. t shirt.  Love the design!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Conglomeration of Hikes

I haven't posted to my blog lately because I've been both busy and lazy.  I guess I've picked up too many activities I enjoy doing, but don't have enough time to devote to them.  Then there are days I just feel like a slug! Haha!

Today's post will be a conglomeration of different pictures from recent hikes I've done over the last couple of weeks.

These pictures are from Blue Jacket Trail at Shawnee Lookout Park.  One of my favorite parks but I have to have plenty of time because it's not real close to home.  I just love this little pass through on the trail.

I had forgotten how many sets of steep stairs there are on Blue Jacket Trail.
Oh goodie! Look!  Another long set of stairs.  I would much rather just climb a hill than to climb steps.  Steps are uneven, slanted, sometimes slippery and throws off my pace.  And the hand rails have splinters!
Pretty flowers marking the trails entrance to the parking lot.  The parking lot is quite small...holds about 12 cars and was packed that day.  When it's full, it's hard to park and maneuver around the large SUVs and trucks of today.  My car is the pretty reddish brown car.
These next set of pictures are from the Miami Fort Trail at Shawnee Lookout. This is a shot from the overlook on the trail.
A close up of the same view.
A boulder that is along the trail honoring Daniel Carter Beard founder of the Boy Scouts of America.

Finally, a picture of the Parcours Trail at Winton Woods.  A nice quiet trail to hike when you're not being over run by a cross country high school team like I was today.  Haha! This picture was taken 2 days ago when the trail was quiet.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sky, Trees and Nature

I haven't posted lately mostly because I don't think anyone is reading my why bother?

Today I'm posting for my own enjoyment.  There are times I long to get out alone where there aren't many people.  Out where there's nothing but sky, trees and nature.  Fernald Preserve is the best place for alone time.

The trails aren't really difficult, but can be challenging for me at times.  They are long (for me), lots of gravel to walk on...which can do a number on my ankles, knees and hips.  The trails have areas that are tree covered, but a good portion of the trails are out in the sun.  After this last hike I did on the Fourth of July, I decided to save the longer trails for cool weather hiking or at last be sure and take water along.  I did fine, but was glad when I could sit somewhere and cool down.

Here are a few pictures taken with my phone.

The beginning long path towards the wooden area. There is a little bird perched atop some of the growth there.  The sun was so bright and I couldn't get close enough to see what kind of bird he was.  All I saw was his profile.  I couldn't make out any of his colors, but he was singing a pretty song and I didn't want to scare him off.

A pretty but a bit green pond.  I like the reflection of the sky and plants.

Another pond.  I love to stand and just look around at the wide open spaces.  Nothing in sight but the great outdoors. Hearing nothing but birds and bugs...and my huffing and puffing after a while.

A picture of me in my "happy place" under the trees...about half way on the trail.

My view from a bench at the end of my 3.3 mile hike on Hickory Trail.  I didn't sit here long because it was not in the shade.  I just wanted to get in my car and turn the a/c on! 
I'll come back and visit this post when I can't get out and hike, just to enjoy the beauty and solitude of Fernald Preserve.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Equine Affaire Ohio - April 9, 2017 - Part II

I must confess, the dates I have on this post and the previous post are incorrect.  It was actually April 8th...but I'll leave them as is. 👧

Here are a few more pictures from the day, as promised.

 A beautiful gypsy vanner!
All dressed up and ready for the show arena.

In an outside ring showing off their stuff!

One last picture from this year's Equine Affaire
Looking forward to next year's show!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Equine Affaire Ohio - April 9, 2017 - Part 1

I absolutely love horses!! Never had any of my own, and probably never will.  A few years ago I finally signed up and took riding lessons for a couple of years.  It was so much fun finally being able to do one of the things I've always wanted to do.  I stopped taking lessons because I felt I had gotten as far as I ever would at my age.  Also, my left knee was bothering me a lot and made it almost impossible to mount a horse without too much pain.

Every year, for the past 10 years or so I always went to the horse show in either Indianapolis with my son's family or the last couple of years to the one in Columbus, Ohio.  I didn't go last year because walking had become too difficult.

After my knee replacement surgery last June, I was all set to go back to Columbus and walk all day!  This year, my husband Herb, our daughter, Emily and granddaughter Emmi, traveled to Columbus with me.  Our son, Eric and his family also traveled to Columbus.  It has become quite a family affair as well as an Equine Affaire!  Here are a few pictures from the day.

Love this little cutie standing in his stall ready to go out and perform.
 Here he is in the arena.  So cute.
This guy was all tuckered out and resting.
A few horses coming from their stalls heading to the arena.
One of the first clinics that we watched.
I'm sure this little guy wants someone to stop and get the "hair" out of his eyes!
I will post more pictures next time.  I won't bore you with all the pictures that were taken...but at least one more posting.
If you have time scroll down my page and check out some of my other entries you may have missed. Please and thank you!