Thursday, January 12, 2017

Who's Watching Whom?!

As I sat "counting" birds for The FeederWatch Program this past Sunday and Monday, I had to laugh at the observances I made at who was actually watching whom.

Of course, there I sat with my binoculars, camera, clipboard with tally sheet, pen and coffee behind closed patio doors. About 10 feet away were my feeders hanging from the tree and other pole systems.

Lovely, little every day birds I watched and counted.  Cardinals and House Sparrow.

All of a sudden I spotted this gray fluffy intruder!  Not one of my cats!  Mine stay indoors at all times.  Such a pretty cat...who had obviously been watching all of my birds at the feeders too.  I'm not sure what she was rolling around in.  The other day Finn was rolling around in that same area and I looked to see what might have been there, but saw nothing.

I didn't want the cat to get any of the birds, so I sent out my buddy, Finn.  As soon as he went flying out the door, the cat ran.  However, he did check out the area where it sat.
Finn giving the icy stare...DON'T COME BACK!
A little later, this beautiful Cooper's Hawk landed about 3 feet from where I watching behind patio doors.  I was so excited...I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady!  I'm sure this is the closest I'll ever get to such a magnificent bird!  I'm having enlargements made of these pictures so I can enjoy them every day!  He didn't catch any little birds either.

So, I guess I'm not the only one out there watching.....

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beautiful Colors and Markings

Included in this post are some of the birds I really just love to stare at!  Their beautiful markings and colors just fascinate me.  Since I'm not always around to see them I try to take a picture of them so I can look at them whenever I want.

The next pictures are of a female Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker.  Some pictures are a little fuzzy but I included them to show their markings from different angles.

You can tell this is a female because there is NO black slash mark (kind of like the Nike trademark) under it's eye. 
A little out of focus, but I like the squirrel in the background.
Again, a little fuzzy, but showing her back markings.
Now, a pretty Blue Jay.  This shot was interesting because there was some fog in the area, but after brightening the picture to show the color of the jay, I lost the fog.  I thought the color was more important.
A bit out of focus picture of a Red Bellied Woodpecker.

A Blue Jay about to take off with a peanut.

Finally, a really strange "bird" on the platform feeder.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Little Birds and Silly Squirrels

In my previous post I included some Carolina Wren pictures that weren't the best.  In the meantime, I've captured a few more pictures that are quite a bit better.  I still get excited when I see these cute little guys.

I know it's really hard to distinguish this little bird, but you'll have to take my word for it that the next two pictures are of a brown creeper.  I know it just looks like a wet leaf in these two pictures, but it is a brown creeper.  I'll have to continue to try and get a better picture of this cute little guy too.  It is situated at the top of the picture right below the large twig.
 You can see in this picture he has changed positions and is sitting upright.  Sorry the pictures are a bit out of focus.

I love this next picture, because the squirrels were chasing each other around the tree.  Can you see all four of them?  The hardest one to spot is on the upper right portion of the tree.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carolina Wrens and Friends

I love the little Carolina Wren when it comes to visit my feeders.  In past years, he was a rare least I didn't see him very often.  This year, I've been able to spot two at the same time!  I see them both nearly every week.

I think they are the cutest little bird.  I love it's colors, it's jaunty little tail and their pudginess.  I tried to take some decent pictures of the two of them, but birds don't sit very still.  Besides the fact, I get excited, my camera tends to focus slow at times and I end up with blurred pictures at best.  Here are a few:

One little Carolina Wren showing me his backside!  A House Finch, and the other Carolina Wren behind him,

 Both of the Carolina Wrens, but blurry.
A female Northern Cardinal and a super pudgy little Carolina Wren.

I usually don't see too many American Robins in the winter.  This one was all by himself enjoying some water from our new bird bath.

And finally, a meeting of minds, I guess.  I thought they all looked cute sitting here.  Many people don't like Mourning Doves, but I think they're sweet.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Day in the Life

I've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit the last week or so.  I was all raring to go back in November, but circumstances and people just seem to keep getting in the way and muddying up the outlook.

After a good walk in Winton Woods with Finn in the crisp December air, my spirits were lifted.  Yeah, I look a little goofy in my owl hat, but I love it and it's just enough to keep my ears and head warm.  I'm not quite sure what makes me smile so much...the walk itself, or the fact that I'm finished with the walk.  I always feel so good afterwards, so I guess I'll keep it up!

This is a picture I inadvertently took with my phone, so I thought I'd include it.  We were sitting in the park's parking lot.

Here's Finn looking all cute in his crocheted sweater of cammo and green.  It was made with leftover yarn.  I wanted it all to be cammo, but ran out.  I think in the beginning he wasn't quite sure about the sweater...maybe he was embarrassed.  Haha!  But he soon was strutting his stuff!

I was going to start some Christmas cleaning after supper tonight, but my daughter called and asked if I could pick up Emmi from day care.  I guess I could have cleaned when I got home, but decided to blog instead.  Priorities!

It was a little cold in Emily's house when we got there.  Here is her cat, Ashes, huddling under the tree to get warm.  The heat finally kicked on and everything was nice a toasty.

Here are recent pictures of Emily's tree:
And our little table top tree. Underneath the tree is Santa in a boat and two bears.  Love my little woodland scene.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kitty Cat Reunion!

Two years ago I had to give up volunteering at Save the Animals Foundation because I went back to working full time.  Then when I retired I had total knee replacement surgery and can no longer get down on the floor and kneel.  When I volunteered at the shelter, my duties included getting down on the floor and scrubbing the floors around litter boxes etc.  I am still trying to figure out a way to volunteer again, but not sure where I can be of help.  They hold weekly Bingos, but I am not a people person, so prefer not to work Bingo.

Every year the shelter holds two open houses and I finally was able to go back this past weekend and see all the kitties and dogs there.

Though I was really happy to see some old familiar fuzzy faces, it was still sad that they still hadn't found furever homes.  They are very well taken care of there, so I feel good about that...just sad that they need their own special someone.

Jujubee has always been my favorite.  She walked right up to me as soon as I entered her room!

This is the entrance to the room where younger cats were housed.  I was hoping to see some little guys in here, but they were bigger than I expected...and oh so sweet!
Next, are two sisters who are old friends of mine too.  First, Sophie Blue she kept sitting up on her back legs like a dog does when begging...unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of her doing it.

Next, Savannah Jane is Sophie Blue's long haired sister.  I am surprised these two haven't been adopted yet.  Love them both.

I love this next sign...would love to have one for my house when I need to get away from it all!!

Another old friend, Fisher.  Love his eyes.
Unfortunately, I can't recall this little guy's name, but thought he looked so pretty sitting here.
And lastly, Mini Cooper.  I bought a grab bag of goodies with Mini Cooper's picture on it Sunday.  I like the Mini Cooper car and that's why I chose that particular bag.  So, of course, before I left, I had to go and visit Mini Cooper.  Just by coincidence he was in one of the rooms I used to clean.  The cats in that particular room are FELV+.

I sure do miss my kitties and hope to go back soon and visit again.

Monday, November 28, 2016

You Gotta Love Nature!

It's been a busy couple of weeks and unfortunately, I didn't have time to blog. 

First of all, I must mention that sadly we had to let our sweet Sedona cross Rainbow Bridge.  She fought the good fight, but after several different attempts to get her well from pancreatitis, we knew we were fighting a losing battle.  She crossed over on October 26th.  She was only 8 years old, but the vet told us we did the right I am at peace with our decision, and I know she is too.  So, I've added a picture and a little bio of Sedona to my second page on this blog called, "Fur Kids, Present, Past and Future".  The tab to that page is at the top of this entry.

I've been mostly busy cleaning the house and preparing for Thanksgiving.  Now that that is behind me, I can take a bit of a breather before I have to get busy for Christmas.

The Christmas decorations are all up, and I think I have all of my gifts ready...they still just need to be wrapped.

Lots of crazy family stuff going on too that has me a bit out of sorts, but I've decided just to move on and let the crazies fend for themselves!  One of these days, they'll see what they have done...hopefully.

Today was a bird counting day for Project FeederWatch.  I've been participating in this program for 6 years, and I get more excited every year to start the season.  The season begins in November and runs through part of April. 

As the years have passed, I can tell that a few new birds are beginning to come more often to my feeders.  Of course, I love to see the hawks come too.  They don't eat from the feeders, but they keep their eyes on the little birds that do.  I certainly, don't want them to catch any of the little birds at my feeders. so I'm happy when they fly off without a kill.  I'm sure they find food elsewhere...which is fine with me!

Here are a few pictures from today of a Cooper's Hawk.  Unfortunately, one is a bit fuzzy.  The other two, it's face is hidden behind some leaves.  Some of the pictures were taken with my phone, some with a camera.  I need to remind myself to change the camera batteries more often.  After lunch I changed the batteries and got much better pictures of a yellow bellied sapsucker.

These two pictures were taken with my phone.

This one, with my camera before I changed batteries.  I'll learn.

 I'm really happy I got some pictures of the yellow bellied sapsucker.  I can prove to myself that I really saw him!

These pictures were taken with my camera, after the batteries were changed.  I love that we can see all of his beautiful colors!

Here is a picture of a yellow bellied sapsucker actually sucking sap!  Haha! I just had to say that, and of course you can see his yellow belly too!
You gotta love nature!!